Friday, January 9, 2009

Operation Move Pants to CA- Phase 1

As promised we will be launching our campaign to convince Pants' parents to move closer to us. Pana (Pants' Nana) is more than welcome to move west as well.

Phase 1- Evidence on why they should chose CA over MN

A Typical January Day in Minnesota.
On this same day we went to about our day in 70 degree weather and watched the palm trees gently sway in the breeze.

Dear Pana- The ball as they say is in your court.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Rest of our Vacation

By Saturday Morning both M and the Boy had left for MN. M had to get back to work and the Boy had traveled to MN to see his Nana and Papa.
Pants was nice enough to harass the Boy extra on his last day with her so she would be sure he would miss her. After about the 50th time she asked him "you in car?" I am pretty sure he was ready to head to the airport! Of course when we called him the next day and handed the phone to Pants she had to ask him if he was "in car?" He admitted that he missed her already.

The Dad, Elle and I took Pants to the Living Desert on Saturday and to Sea World on Sunday before their flight. Fortunately there were no lions at the zoo (Lions are Pants' least favorite animal). Uncle Nate and Pants made it through the rest of the weekend with neither of them getting in trouble. Although they were a bit like two peas in a pod. We visited the "pony" exhibit at Sea World multiple times. As in every time Pants said "ponies" to Uncle Nate we made a beeline for the Clydesdale exhibit.

Leaving them at the airport was pretty sad for the Dad and I. We have decided to launch "Operation Convince Pants' Parents to Move to CA".

Pants and her camera with a side of follow the leader

Sea World Adventures

Christmas Day

Sorry this post is so late. We did celebrate the Holidays on time. But I haven't had a chance to update the blog again since then. We had so much fun over the holidays this year.
On Christmas Eve we went to Chinese food with Pants, Elle and M. Nothing says Christmas Eve like a Chinese Buffet followed by a couple of games of Bowling.
Bowling with a 2 1/2 year old is the funnest experience in the world. We got high fives for strikes and gutter balls.
After convincing the kids to go to bed Santa was able to swing by the house for a quick visit. The kids were kind enough to sleep until after 7 am even.