Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ode to Pana

Pana (Pants' Nana) is interrupting her busy life to make the 2 hour drive up to spend the weekend with her girls. I am adding the "s" to girl because technically Elle will be home and therefore her mother will be spending time with her as well.
Pana is the very definition of a grandma. She is the type of grandma that prepares for her visits days in advance of them. She will be bum rushed by Pants' the minute she rings the doorbell. Immediately after giving her Nana a hug Miss Thing will start that not to subtle slide toward Pana's bags. Why? Because she knows that it is virtually impossible for her Nana to get through the week without finding something that Pants just "has to have". It usually isn't anything big- sometimes a coloring book or a packet of stickers, her favorite m&ms, etc. She doesn't do this to spoil Pants, she does it because she never stops thinking about her granddaughter.
Trips to the grocery store become a game of "I wonder if Pants likes......" or "I hope that Elle remembers that Pants now likes green apples instead of the red ones". Trips to the Marts (large box stores with names like Target and Wal-mart) always include a trip to the toy and book aisle- just in case a manufacturer has invented a wonderful thing in the past week for her girl.
Please don't think I am teasing Pana. Honestly- Uncle the Dad is just as bad. Between the two of them that little girl will never want for anything. Fortunately Elle has started to learn this and assigned them each areas to cover- Pana is shoes and Uncle is purses- they split toys and clothes, however the Boy is all about stuffed animals for her.
This week in anticipation of her weekend with the girls, Pana will pack her bags (making sure Pants' gift is on top). She will likely start to go to bed a little earlier at night to prepare herself for the whirlwind fairy that is Miss Pants. The car will be gassed up and ready to go at least 6 hours before it is time for her to hit the road. The last day of work before her trip will be spent gazing at pictures of her girl and re-reading all of her blog posts. Finally (an hour earlier than she needs to) Pana will hit the open road and venture north (technically mostly east) to Pants.
All the while the Reynolds Family will be jealous- Pana gets to see Miss Pants and hang out with her for 3 whole days.

I dedicate this post to Pants' Nana who is one heck of a lady (and a really good mom to Elle too). It has recently come to my attention that when I fail to properly update my blog Elle will get a call from Pana instructing her to tell me to update my blog. Have fun with Miss Thing this weekend!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Mom is a Meanie

It was the Boy's opinion today that I am the Meanest Mom in the World-- and I am ok with that today. What heinous thing did I do to the Boy? Throw away all his toys- Nope, dress him funny- wrong again, make him eat Brussels sprouts for breakfast- strike three. Ready for the answer?
I made him go to school! Gasp if you must, but I did what I had to do.
And before you starting acting shocked as if I released a little Ebola monkey on to his unsuspecting classmates- He was not sick. The Boy will readily admit that he was perfectly healthy today. There was no reason to keep him home other than the fact that he "didn't want to go to school" today. Apparently he was sick and tired of being bossed around and decided he had earned the right to stay home.
I have wracked my brain today in order to come up with a list of ways in which I have wronged the Boy (or bossed him around). So far I have come up with the following:
1. Stopped by his school and tracked down a custodian so I could get his math book from his desk
2. Brought him to Target and bought his Halloween Costume
3. We went for a family walk last night (he wanted to come with)
4. I made him dinner (made him one of his favorites)
5. I helped him with his homework (did the typing for one of his reports that he dictated)
6. Let him go to sleep at 9 when he declared he was tired (it was his normal bed time)

So yeah, not sure when all of this "Bossing" around happened. Needless to say by the time he got home from school he had forgotten he was even mad at me. We even made a batch of cookies together this afternoon.

This whole "pre-teen" thing is for the birds!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Family goes Bowling

Since we are all (currently) healthy and our extended family is safely back in MN we had the opportunity to get back to our regular lives. And apparently our regular life now includes trips to the bowling alley.
On Sundays the Dad attends a meeting in Palm Springs with our dear friend Dave (more on him in a bit). Every Sunday we drive past a big Bowling Alley and think to ourselves "we should stop there one of these days". Well my friends, today was that day.
We planned ahead and had a quick picnic lunch after the meeting and headed to the Bowling Alley on the way back home. We had a blast! I did forget our regular digital camera so please excuse the poor quality from my cell phone's camera.

Dave- our dear friend Dave is on the winning side of his battle with colon cancer. He has completed both his chemo and radiation treatments. The Doctors have found the treatments to be successful but are continuing to monitor his tumor with regular scans.
Although the Dad sees Dave on a regular basis it has been a little while since the Boy and I have seen him. It was a huge relief to see him looking so handsome and healthy.
We did invite him to go bowling with us but he promised to spend the afternoon with his husband as it is rare for them to have weekend days off together.

Since we enjoyed our bowling adventure so much I am sure Dave will get a chance to come with us again.

PS- to Elle and Pants- glad that you loved your box and all the goodies inside. We always look for any excuse to spoil someone as adorable as Pants on the Loose!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Family Gets Sick

Sorry for the lack of posting and updating lately. Both the Dad and I came down with horrible head colds this last week. As in home sick from work sick. So bad that when people would call on the phone after I said "Hello" their comment would be "Oh my god, you sound terrible".

Worst part of the whole situation was the snoring. The Dad can take some cold medicine and pass out cold. Which makes "encouraging" him to roll over when he starts to sleep impossible. Trust me when I say impossible. Tools were involved in my attempts to get him to roll over and stop snoring.

Sick as I was, I had to watch tv until exhaustion took over so I could be sure I would be able to fall asleep. Had to be so tired that the snoring didn't matter. Trust me- tv at 2am during the week is beyond boring!

Fortunately we are now on the mend and the crud seems to have skipped the boy this time around. We haven't called in a CSI team but I am willing to bet that the Boy was patient zero this time around anyway.

Life should hopefully be returning to our regularly scheduled schedule soon.