Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Family Moved (Again)

Yup- we moved- again. This time into a nice new house of our very own. No more renting from crazy people. 43 days in that house was about 42 1/2 days too many I tell you. Of course we were once again blessed with wonderful rainy weather to move in.

Unpacking has been a fun adventure. Our belongings were spread out into 2 different storage units plus the rental house. On the plus side I have finally found the cord that I needed to download pictures from my digital camera. I have a file full of pictures of CK's house. CK would be our landlady for the 43 days we lived in hell, I mean her rental house. C stands for Crazy and K would be the first letter of her name.

However, after much deliberation I have decided not to post pictures of our 43 day home. I would prefer to leave those memories in the past and move on to our nice, clean new house.
I have a little bit of unpacking left to do- mostly the boxes that the Dad needs to go through. But all of those boxes have been relegated to the garage. As a result the inside of the house is shaping up nicely and I have a few pictures of the main floor great room to share. Enjoy (we sure are).

The main floor "great room" is really a big L shaped room consisting of living room, dining area and kitchen.

The Front Entry

The Living Room

Dining Room


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