Monday, September 21, 2009

The Grand total for the Move

Adding everything up for the big move from California to Minnesota we have:

One 26 foot Uhaul
one 12 foot trailer
One ambulance ride
4 hours in the ER
30 hours of driving time
2 nights in hotels that allow pets
2 visits from the police (her dogs attacked a neighbor on the morning we moved in)
1 visit from the local news wanting to do a story on the "attack dogs"
2 broken fingers (one each for the Boy and the Mom).
38 houses toured
2 houses we made offers on (one was pulled off the market right before we put in the offer)
1 10 x 20 storage unit because most of our stuff wouldn't fit through the narrow doorways.
1 house that we will close on at the end of the month

and numerous tears, bruises and hours spent cursing K.

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