Monday, September 21, 2009

The family goes ghetto?

After 3 full days (like 14 hour days in the car) of driving we finally made it to town. Our lease started on the 15th and we showed up on the 18th. Our landlady- K- was there to meet us and give us the keys to our rental house. Our elation over being "home" was short lived.
She informed me before opening the door that is was her "birthday and she didn't want to have to move anything today." Strange but ok- I am not going to make her help us unload the Uhaul. Then she opened the front door..... yup- I was going to make her move on her birthday.
She was going to have to move because 4 days into my lease she still hadn't moved out yet! As in dishes in the dishwasher, the baby's crib upstairs, clothes in the dryer, etc. The stench of the house was nearly overwhelming. Dog fur so thick in the basement you could have made a dozen pillows with it. Carpets so dirty I had to empty the good old Dyson once or twice PER ROOM!
My family and friends were trying to give us advice, K is whining because I expected her to be out of the house and the Dad was ready to jump back in the Uhaul and drive back to California.
Once again- level headed and comic relief came out. I started cleaning so we could unload the Uhaul and started moving in to our newly rented house.
Most wonder why I didn't just move in with my parents or rent somewhere else. Try renting a place on a days notice with 2 dogs and a cat? My parents, bless them, offered us their basement but my mom does not allow pets at her house. So we were pretty much stuck. Either we moved into the house we had already rented and make the best of it or we become homeless.
By the end of the first week we were pretty much all unpacked (except for the 10'x20' storage unit full of stuff) when the doorbell rang. A very friendly policeman was on the steps waiting to inform me that K had failed to get a rental license and that if she didn't get one in the next 60 days the city would be evicting me. I called K immediately and was told "it's no big deal, it's all under control. I don't need a license." Well, K the city and the police beg to differ.
Turns out because I live in a "historic" part of the city we don't have any off street parking and the city will not issue a rental license if the house lacks off street parking.
K claims that she is working to get a "temporary rental license" The city has yet to receive her application (from a month ago) and the house is now for sale. Awesome, because I love having my life interrupted so I can pack the dogs up and leave the house every time a realtor wants to show it.
In my price range in my town there are 51 available properties. So far I have personally walked though 38 of them. We are fortunate that we did find a house to purchase here in town. The current owners even agreed to our closing date of less than 3 weeks after we put in the offer.
So I get to pack up the house again, 6 weeks after unpacking it the first time and move across town.

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