Wednesday, September 16, 2009


A few of my friends have been harassing me lately (you know who you are- Kelly!) about the lack of updates lately.
So after a few months of no news I will try to fill you all in as quickly as possible.
We Moved!
There done- update complete.

Just teasing- I won't be stingy with the details. More posts to follow. I will fill you on rides in the ambulance, dog fights, ghetto living and new schools.

Patience is a virtue apparently. Looking for the cable to download pictures from the digital camera. It's in a box here somewhere. You might think- geez unpack already. Why unpack when I have to move again in 2 short weeks?

Has curiosity killed your cat yet? stay tuned.

1 comment:

K.R. said...

and here I was, innocently reading all the wonderful updates so peacefully!
Ha, love the stories and pictures :) California misses you.

Word Verification is "inglemon" hmmm, I need to go rent Cool Runnings, mon!