Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our decision to move

When we left Minnesota we looked at living in California as this big grand adventure. And it was- for a while.
California had tons of great things to offer- beaches, Disneyland, the desert etc. But honestly, after a couple of trips to Disneyland it just becomes this overly expensive place crowded with tourists and whiny kids.
The Beach was great- except the boy always ended up with a sand rash. Plus salt water does a number on the "water proof" sunscreen so a sunburn was an automatic after a day at the beach.
The Desert we still love and will miss.

But after a while we started to miss things about Minnesota. We missed Miss Pants' 3rd Birthday party. Nothing can make you feel guilty faster than a nearly 3 year old calling you to find out if you are coming to her Birthday Party and then having to explain why you can't be there.
My sister in law was due to give birth to a little boy. After they asked me to be his godmother I realized that I had only seen his older sister- my goddaughter- once since her baptism.

So we held a family vote and decided that we would move the adventure back to Minnesota and see where life would take us. Apparently, even before life took us out of California it was going to demand a quick visit to the Emergency Room!

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